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The Wall of Awesome is reserved to memorialize the Awesome Folks who donate to the various initiatives that I decide to create.  Anyone that is hyper-linked goes to someplace cool.  You should go there, too.  If you'd like to have your name added to the Wall of Awesome, consider supporting my work.


Donors have provided support through one-time contributions.  Which is amazing.

  • Michaela Peterson

  • Teresa Sullivan

  • Susan Harding

  • Kerri Harris

  • Lena Lewallen

Patreon Patrons

Note: My Patreon page is currently mothballed, but here are listed the amazing people who contributed when it was a thing:


  • Betsy Salemson

  • Jeff Shaddock


  • John

Awesome Patrons:

  • Nancy Bates

  • Pam Close


DonorsChoose #3DforDP MakerBot-

The following Awesome Folks donated to the #3DforDP MakerBot fundraising project that I developed on for my district's Science and Technology Department in November of 2013:

  • Anonymous x 2

  • Claire Birone

  • The Leichert Family

  • MakerBot

  • Rochelle Read

  • J.S. Tinkface

IndieGoGo BSCS PD Funding-

The following Awesome Folks donated to the BSCS AP Bio Leadership Academy project that I proposed on IndieGoGo in May of 2013.

  • Emily LaGiglia

  • Hedi Lauffer

  • Lisa Leichert

  • Melinda Malcore

  • Jack Mardack

  • Elizabeth McClafferty

  • Dana Meachum

  • Michelle Memis

  • Jessica Nascimento

  • Jennifer Newitt

  • Kassandra Nitti

  • Steven O'Brien

  • Carlos Pina

  • Megan Prokroym

  • Melissa Raynoha

  • Alexandra Saba

  • Betsy Salemson

  • Scott Surdi

  • Steve Tiffany

  • J.S. Tinkface

  • Gian Toyos



  • Anonymous x 15

  • Robert Acosta

  • Rhiannon Baxter

  • Monika Biro

  • Joseph Burke

  • Elsa Coelho

  • Dianna Compton

  • Jason Crewe

  • David DePrima

  • Carla DeVito

  • Kathleen Dunn-Raynoha

  • Carolyn Durley

  • Ted Graham

  • Jessica Gregerson

  • Robin Heyden

  • Diane Kalladeen

  • Christopher Kauter

  • Rita Kelly

  • Charles Knuffke

  • Eric Knuffke


DonorsChoose AP Bio Chromebook Project-

The following Awesome Folks donated to the 1:1 Chromebook project that I proposed on in December of 2012.